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wil st. soul

[this is good] Wow. I smiled, I laughed, I teared up, I got hungry and thirsty ... and then I wiped my brow when I saw you made your plane. Great story. :)


[this is good] Oh man. I'm headed to Germany next week. As far as I know, though, I have a hotel room (Berlin). I would have cried had I been in your situation.Guess I'd better learn a few German phrases?

Red Pen

LOL@ "Tearful American Who Wanders Aimlessly Around Das Labyrinth" I'm glad you found your way out and escaped.


Holy crap- I would've started to cry long before I had to find that other building.


[this is good] Igota more Hansel And Gretel type vibe.
Salami and beer... mmmmmm.


I'm not a fan of Germany. While none of my stories can even come close to yours, I have enough of them that it mostly keeps Germany off of my vacation destination list.


thanks! i felt all of these emotions too. ;-)


yes, learn the most important ones, or download one of those little translator things to your phone. at least you have a hotel!


After a while I'd have to rattle some chains for the full effect. Do they have Halloween in Germany?


I bet not. Faced with such astrict demeanor, you would have held it together too. ;-)


If YOU had been with me, then we could have done the Hansel and Gretel thing. Alone, I was the Little Miss.


I'm told the countryside is incredibly beautiful, but a girl can only eat so much meat...


Okay NOW I feel guilty. How do you always manage to do that?

Papi Chulo

Awesome story! I didn't know you worked for the Red Giant. I used to work for a company called NetPro in Scottsdale that did a lot of NDS and GroupWise monitoring stuff. I made frequent trips to the Mother Ship in Provo/Orem. Scary place.


I learned it from mom.


Not just scary, but a place that will drive you to drink. Except that you can't drink. Because there is no alcohol in Provo. Believe me, I checked. I'm never going back there again either.


[das ist gut] this is a great story and could easily be added to the Grimm Brothers' collection. navigating in Germany is truly awful. when you buy a train ticket from the automatic machine it doesn't bother to tell you that your journey involves a train change or in what city unless you specifically ask the machine to print the iten with the small obscured button in the corner that looks something like "cancel." road signs tell all possible destinations through every meandering possibility, so every turn lists the same destination cities whether it is a reasonable way to get there or not. approaching an intersection at speed means sorting through the traffic light, the stop sign, the blinking yellow light and the bicycle crossing light facing the other direction which you cannot really see to determine your next action.glad to hear you survived!


Thank you. The only way I'd go back is maybe with you and Patty. I could give Germany a second chance, but only with a friendly guide.


All she taught me was how to curtsy. What a gyp.


Great story! I lived in Munich for 3 months on an internship after college and fortunately it worked out wonderfully for me. I love the country and found it much nicer than a couple weeks I'd spent in France.


she never taught me how to curtsy. she always did play strange favorites.


like most places, there is always a good side. i imagine if i'd stayed longer and found myself a nice native things might have turned out differently. :-)


Holy crap! You said you didn't like Germany back several months ago when German engineers seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, but you didn't tell me the details of why. Oh lordie that must have been scary. I'm glad Dave knows his way around or I might not be going back in a few weeks! It does give me (more) empathy for how difficult living there has been.


[this is good] Great story. I've only been to the airport in Frankfurt, but the machine guns always give me the willies.


No doubt the result of the trauma of living with our father (

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