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Wow - lovely shot. I love leaf outlines, though I usually only manage to get them against the sky -- the way you have caught a lit leaf on a dark background is just wonderful. Well done!


I agree.. the black background really shows the singular beauty of the leaf. Nothing to distract the natural beauty which is fall.


[this is good] Very nice. Note to self: must get new camera phone.


[this is good] So Pretty! I love Autumn!


Thanks to all for your very kinds words. I took this shot in the car, as the wind had graciously blown this leaf ever so gently into it as we were parked, waiting outside a store. The light coming through the window was wonderful afternoon light, and the inside of the car is black, so I found myself with a nice contrast.
I first tried to take the pic with my camera phone (so don't be too impressed, Ginger), but I couldn't capture the color well enough. I took this shot with my Canon Digital Elph, I almost always have it with me these days...


[this is good] Oooh, so pretty! Nice job.


which digital elph do you have? I'm obsessed.


:-) Xav bought this for me after doing a bit of research that made him believe this was the best of its class. To be honest, I wanted something super thin, so I could put it in my back pocket, or else the nikon with wi-fi to replace my crummy camera phone. But you can't really argue with the picture quality of the Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Digital Elph. It's a little thicker than I'd wanted, but still fits in my pocket and it survived a five foot drop onto concrete (although I wouldn't try that stunt again).
I've been super happy with this camera and Xav was so jealous of my picsthat he bought one too.




[this is good] this is beautiful, karen! i love this photo.
and, god knows, it takes more than a great camera to make great pictures. i love the composition, and(yes)the lighting. your artistic bent is really shining in your photography. gorgeous.


aw. thanks mom!


[this is good]


this leaf is the exact reason why i am getting married on the east coast in less than two weeks - AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's no autumn like an east coast autumn...


Congratulations! An autumn wedding on the east coast sounds wonderful. I hope you'll post some pictures!


[this is good] No, No, No... it's still summer... leastways in my mind it is...

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