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[this is good] These ethical dilemmas are the worst. I have the same problem with shoe strings. When one string breaks, do you replace them both, dooming one of the star crossed lovers to an untimely death, or do you replace one and break up another happy union, leaving a lonely mate to pine away in a dark drawer?
This is why I drink.


Love hurts. Love scars. You know the rest...and let us not blame the state of your liver on shoe laces, pal. Well, at least not the male ones. Teeny lights are the bane of my existence. It never fails. I appreciate all your efforts to revive the dead string though. Those lights never had it so good.


You made my liver cry.


This kind of (twisted) thinkingapplies to pairs of all kinds: shoes with one bad heel, gloves with a hole in one thumb, earrings missing a backing.
Sniff. Pass me the bottle.


The garbage man came and went this morning, and the lights are still here. I don't know what I think is going to happen. They just keep looking at me.


You should consider a halloween ritual. Burn some sage, do a dance by the light of the...oh nevermind. Twist them around a hub cap and call it art?I'm tapped.


I think Lucinda Williams said it best: "It's over, I know it, but I can't let go."


Nooo! Don't let them die. I'd just keep them, for the sake of memories.


great post -- again. i've wrestled with lights too year after year, but you my dear were able to capture the frustration perfectly in this post.


ha! it's this kind of thinking that will result inyou facing the same kind of garage clutter I've accumilated over the past 20years. :-)

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