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Robot Scott

Having been raised in hawaii, I have no fucking clue what seasons are. I always have to ask other people what season to register classes. Every time someone makes a reference to what season something will happen in, I have to ask when that is. It's quite inconvenient.


[this is good] I am reading your blog and missing you so much!I head back to CA tonight. I am anxious to be home. I enjoyed many rainy summer days in Ohio. I have a bit of guilt at missing the first few days of back to school season. Even a teenager misses his mom. And his mom misses him.


[this is good] I'm from PA, entire life- the thought of no seasons is hard to grasp- at least with the changes we have, eventually we end up with something someone likes. -even if it doesn't last long. That said, I can see where some uniformity might be nice. Maybe. sounds like you've had an interesting time there!


When I lived in Ohio I remember waking up to the weather channel every morning, so I could dress accordingly. Now, that I'm back in CA I seem to wander around in my year-round outfit (shorts, short sleeve shirt, flip-flops), and only occasionally add a jacket to the ensemble. It is beautiful in CA right now though (in most not all parts), so hopefully you're enjoying it even though it's "seasonless".

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