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I"m pretty sure this is just a karmic echo of the recent Round of Three. The bad karma is slouching off to its next victim, and just wanted to give you this little see-ya-later. So now you're cool.


That's what I was thinking when we couldn't find my sister and her family after the bridge collapse in MN. (They are fine) Now I think the universe is just messing with me 'cause it's so damn entertaining.



secret heart

Sometimes I wonder how banks ever get anything right!

Robot Scott

oh man! that must have been incredibly stressful!


Did they fix it? And are you changing banks? I work for one and that should NEVER happen.


Itwas Wells and I'm surprised because they are usually pretty good to us.


I think they have fixed it. I guess we'll see when the new card comes in and I try to use!


I just HATE anything to do with banks and money. My normally confident self freezes and I become about three years old. Not good, given that I have, well, a graduate degree in business. I hope it all gets smoothened out ...


[this is good] Glad it worked out. I would have hated to have had to call my people. They will do anything for a six pack and a tank of gas.

Ninja Chick

Glad everything panned out. I always dread when something goes hinky at the bank. The phone call to the person you described, the panic at the bank...and then that tell-tale "Oh..." Am very glad that they were able to fix it...and it wasn't one of a week...or two...maybe three. =)


[this is good] Wake up, Neo...


Hell's Fargo strikes again. They screwed up my IRA so bad...all teller transactions. And they still can't get my address right.


[this is good] BofA once lost me too. Actually, they didn't loose me. They lost my deposited money and then charged me the overdrawn fees. Eventually it panned out and then I got my money out of there. Ugh.


I hate banks. said in a Garfieldesque voice reminiscent of I hate Mondays

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