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Is this a bad time to out myself as a fish killer? I just had to flush one (a teeny zebra danio) last week.Rest piece, lil bits.


No one on this blog is going to judge you for accidentally killing a fish (well, except maybe Barry).We allknow that you loved them and squeezed them (and called them George) and rubbed them and fed them.
Sometimes, like many of us, these guys just find themselves on the wrong side of the wall.


[this is good] 3 little fishies in an iddy biddy pool3 little fishies and the momma fishy tooSwim said the momma fishy swim if you can and the swam and they swam right over the damnBip bop widdle waddle woddle poo!Bid bop widdle waddle woddle poo!Bid bop willdle waddle woddle poo!and they swam and they swam right over the damn


We had a guppie die today too..our suckie fish (what Kenna calls it) has already eaten it!


I don't think he's actually doing much looking in.

Ninja Chick

Fish do that a lot with me. I must not have good Fish Energy or something...they're always jumping tank - that or at some point they all turn HannibalFishy like you mentioned and begin taking each other out.


you are so right, i have changed the caption accordingly.

Something Else

When my eldest moved to the other coast, her little sister inherited the fish. This is our first fist experience. I think I'm reading here that when a fish goes missing (as one has), we need to check the outer boundries (the tank's in a console tv, they're not all that visible), not just the sucking tube. Could solve mysteries for us!


We kept having Plecos jump out of one of our aquariums. It was sad, but more disgusting than sad.


I have had several fishies jump overboard, but the most concerning was the one I found floating at the top with his fins in styrofoam. I think the fish mafia did him in.

Robot Scott

Gosh, I hate it when my fishes do that.

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