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electric firefly

Sadly, I am sure the pardon will be forthcoming. A colleague here noted that by allowing Scooter to keep his title as convicted felon for the time being prevents him from testifying at the upcoming civil trial. So, it looks like Bush is doubly screwing with the justice system - overturning a jury verdict and doing it in a way that protects Scooter - and those he is taking the fall for - from civil liability. Brilliant.


Exactly. That's why this was done, and why the pardon will come later, probably on W.'s way out of office. They impeached Clinton for perjury about sexual harassment; now they've let this guy out of prison for lying about blowing a CIA agent's cover, during 'wartime'.


Damn. I'm surprised. I guess I'm too naive. Sigh.

Grumpy Geek

Bush can totally bite me. And there's no favoritism or cronyism in the Republican Party, honest!


It's a sad, sad situation that really pisses me off.

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