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Something Else

[ ] Gee, back 30 years ago, my mother counseled me not to marry below my intelligence level. Above was ok, just not below. Now I have to worry about how cute a couple of pushin' 50's are! I'm going to not read the article you referred to, and believe we can consider how cute we act. Think it'll fly?


[this is good] Okay, I'm going to snark. I read the article...and it seems to me the author might be better off spending this time working on her own self esteem. Snark concluded.

Georgia Lynn

[this is good] :)


It was tongue in cheek, right? I didn't get the impression she was being serious. That said, I've always thought Ric Ocasek was hot, but then I'll admit I haven't seen him in a number of years. Has he aged poorly?


Oh well if she wasn't serious then I feel like a natural ass. ooops. Is it possible to de-snark?


Yes, she was writing tongue-in-cheek. However the radio show this morning was looking for callers to talk about their interfacial experiences - and they were half-serious.

Kevin G.

Good source of brownie points. Bring topic up after dinner to wife. Conclude by saying how it does seem a little unbalanced being such an average guy married to such a beautiful woman. Argue for fifteen minutes about how attractive she is. Bank points for later use. Thanks!


wow, hope Nancy doesn't see this.


[this is good] lol! this is funny! Interfacial couples have been around for ages as demonastrated by the rock stars. Now other people are demonstrating "rock star" syndrome. Its truth but tongue in cheek.
And beauty is subjective. Some of these people that society calls attractive just make me want to ralph...ick!
And as far as my hubby and me, we can't decide who is better looking! lol! :)

it's called a sucker-fish, not an interfacial couple.check it out.

[this is good] It's called a sucker-fish, not interfacial couple.Check it

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