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OOh, my daughter got one of those in her Easter Basket from "THE" Bunny...I love me some peeps...


[this is good] Jacob 12:3"And God did look down upon the earth and there he smote a chicken of which the likes of before the world had not seen. The chicken did squat and forth produced a deep grunting sound. From betwixt it's legs an egg did drop. An egg of godly size unto witch was gilded a chocolaty sheen. And thine egg began to crack with a great roar and snapping and from the void of milkity chocolaty goodness did a yellow peep emerge. It was the color of the sickest urine and it did taste like used bathwater.And God looked down upon the Peep and his voice did ring out, "Well, maybe my candy corn idea will turn out better."


Why doesn't my Bible include this passage? I've looked and looked and it's just not there!



lol - he does hate the peeps.

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