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And I thought Twitter was for online erotica. Congratulations. Forget Twitter. You're a rock star!


[this is good] i thought twitter was usless until now too !


Oh come on, the potential for Twitter is limitless...or at least as limitless as someone's unlimited text messaging data plan!


[ ] twitter is reality tv for geeks


I get a look at leaptag... and regrets it's only for fixed computer. no way to use it in a internet caf, on the run when you have no computer, or if you have one but no Windows or OSX.... I regret the limitations. (ggod example : you're in an expo, and want to add some lines on your leaptag page.. you can't even if you get a lot of public computer where installation is not welcomed). But I'm sure you'll resolve that soon :)In the twitter battle, I choose Jaiku ;) And you got also a lot of geek out there !


Thanks for trying it out, Olivier. You are right in suspecting that we are working on solutions that will make it easier for people who want to be able to use LeapTag remotely or on multipe machines. I hopeyou'll stay tuned!

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