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now, usually Bill makes me a combination of irritated and chuckle-y, but this is him at his finest.

Nevada Mountain Bear

Standing ovation.


[this is good] go Bill! That was awesome! Humour makesus laugh and remember which is the point!
Him mentioning the plastic bag thing reminded that I was actually thinking about doing a post about plastic bags.
And the bee thing is something most people don't worry or care about. My FIL is one of the world's foremost experts on honey bees. He is retired now but he and his partner figured out the pheromone that the Queen bee uses to attract and keep her worker bees. I can't remember all the details but it was going to be used in areas where they couldn't transport a Queen. With the pheromone you can get the worker bees without a Queen...or something like that. This helps farmers pollinate more crops. I think they did this like 5 years ago? I am hope its not too late for the bees....

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