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Me too!


I know! I first heard about it on NPR and was pleasantly surprised.


[this is good] for my part, I know the guy who argued the case. He's Alex's professor's husband, and we were marooned together near the wine at a "meet and greet your fellow professor" function which was just as boring as it "So what do you do?""Oh, I'm arguing the biggest case of my entire career and possibly the planet." "No pressure.""Right.""More wine?"They're both really, really nice people who care a lot about the case, and I'm sure are delighted with the results. Hooray for the good guys!

Papi Chulo

Dear Karen, We were so fuckin' wasted the other day. What happened? We blacked out!- The Supreme Court

Kevin G.

Hey, that's great! Boy, NPR isn't afraid to put a lefty slant on the story, good for them.Still, you have to wonder, why did it take a Supreme Court decision? Why is he GWB on the side of billowing clouds of toxic black crap coming out the smokestacks of giant, ancient, coal-burning power plants? Isn't he, at some point, supposed to be on our side?For this we won the Cold War? We might as well be living under President Brezhnev.

The Dude

We got really lucky with that one. Don't count on it happening again anytime soon. The Supreme Court is totally stacked at this point. It is a rare case that brings a decent decision...


Dear Supreme Court,
Welllet's justsay that you guys really ruined Justice Alito's (is that an oxymoron?) day with this one. Oh and Robert's is pretty pissed off about it too. You'll be getting the memoany moment now. Along with another dose of kool-aid to make sure this never happens again
Thanks again, kids. And be sure to post those party pics on Flickr!
hugs and kisses,


Hmm. I'm going to go with "because he's delusional, and not too smart and cares a lot more about short-term financial gains than anything else.
And you're right, the NPR story was pretty slanted. Try this onefrom the National Review.


Yes indeed. Nevertheless, it's always nice to witness when the Bush-hasn't-got-a-clue train hits the occasional derailment.

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