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Eeek? Bees? In my yard? Really? I'll have nightmares until the end of time.I was about 7. And I had a posse of bees fly up my pants legs. I screamed like a little girl (oh, wait, I was a little girl) and pulled my pants down then and there. The neighbors thought it was all pretty funny. But I didn't. And I got stung multiple times. Now I'm allergic.Will somebody else do my part with the re-population of bees? Pretty please?


[this is good] Bees are your friends! They aren't mean like wasps, and it's true... we need them. If I had a yard I'd bee it up!


Bees, like every insect, are necessary to our eco-system. In fact, it's a shame that urbanization are pushing more and more of the natural habitat close to extinction.Anyhow, when I was younger I used to catch them by gently cupping them in my hand and then pet them. There is a certain way that you can hold bees where you basically immobilize them and they are like in a trance. It's so cool! Of course, it doesn't hurt them, but calms them down. I love bees. 3


Bees are so important that Einstein said "If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.The amount that bees pollenate echos down through our food chain and livestock in massive waves. Without bees, we would have no food.


[this is good] My neighbor has a bee hive . When we first moved in they used our pool as a water source. I got stung multiple times. John put in a couple of sources near the hive and problem solved. Other than that we've enjoyed having the bees as neighors. The flowers get pollinated and we get honey from John in the fall.


[this is good] My mother once jumped out of a moving car to avoid a bee when I was a kid. And yes...she passed that phobia onto me. Wanna see me lose all my cool points? Let a bee wander in my general vicinity. I will pop a ligament trying to get outta dodge.


I despise bees. There must be other insects we could cultivate to spread pollen instead of bees. And we've made fake sugar (splenda) how hard would it be to recreate honey in a labratory somewhere? Can't we, I don't know, clone it or something. I have to think the world would be better off with fewer bees. *shudder*


I have a bee thing, too. Been stung three times. Once when I was a kid and stepped on one in my front yard. Then two more times with bees in my shirt -- once while camping and again in high school when I knew it had flown in there but was too "cool" to let anyone know there was a bee in my shirt by flailing around screaming lifting my shirt. I hate beeses to pieces.


I have a bee phobia, too. My family has always made fun of me for it. So nice to know I am not alone.


I've decided now that I have to get over my bee phobia. We need bees and really, if I'm not bothering themby getting hysterical, batting my hands around and running into walls, they tend not to bother me.
Wasps, on the other hand, are evil. Any time I see them it is open season. I'm getting good at killing them too.
Just the other day a wasp flew in to the house without us knowing it. Juju was playing near her giant Barbie head (yes, we have them in all sizes over here) when she got hysterical over the "spider" that was in her Barbie's hair. I advised Juju to chill, that I would take care of the, oh shit, giant wasp. I took a cloth napkin and threw it on top of the wasp/Barbie headand carried the whole thing outside. Then I used the napkin to swat the wasp to death.
Just think, if that nasty thing had stung Juju we'd have started a whole new cycle of being stung as a little kid and being terrified forever.


bees in general don't bother me. its the friking scary hornet class that scares the crap out of me here in the mid-atlantic. they come in a few sizes - bee size to about as long as your index finger (no joke!)

all of them can sting repeatedly and bite with mandibles

my 2 year old reached his hand into an outdoor light housing and grabbed a nest, amazingly i went into parental adrenal super-speed and yanked him away before he learned an awful lesson


Wow! You have some great reflexes!


well you know how it is with your kids, somehow the super-human parenting powers kick in and you make it happen


I am terrifed of all insects. Whether they specialize in attack or disgust mode, it doesn't matter.
I was chased home from kindgarten by a bumblebee. I never forgot/forgave it. I don't actively kill them, if I'm in their yard - literally - but if I find one in my home (yes, there was once a honeybee in my kitchen)...I move; I mean, I pay my final rent and leave.

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