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That is a really amazing story. It shows you that despite all of their billions, Google really aren't any smarter than you or I. That's a pretty disastrous bug; a deal-killer, really.

Personal search history is a good idea for QotD though.


That was quite a thought-provoking post. I *think* I'd be all right about posting my history, but I'd have to read it through myself first! I use Google heavily for researching terminology for translations, so many of my search strings would be rather dull and uninspiring to most people. I think we're heading closer to the portrayed in Minority Report, where advertising is much more focussed on the individual using data gathered by our web habits, spending habits, and all our other habits that are all documented and stored by governments and ad agencies. The question is this: what can we do about it? Probably not a great deal really. Being a dad of two young children, I find myself wondering what the world will be like for them when they're my age. But rather than thinking about with fear, I think about it with fascination and excitement. So I'll just keep on letting Google work on its profile of me and not let it worry me

Red Pen

Interesting and thought-provoking. Perfectly innocent searches for odd things could certainly look like something else, couldn't they? I don't use any type of 'personalized search' product currently. I don't think I'll start anytime soon.


Hmmm...showing our search history does sound scary. And while I know that there wouldn't be anything terrible to pop up, you never know. So, yes I would have to look at mine first. I admit it. I like your site and your posts. You always give us voxers something to think about.


I'd have no problem at all with dumping it up. At all.


Wow. That's scary. If it's used for the forces of good, great. But it would be so easy to use this information in a bad way. I don't think I'd post an uncensored version of my search history. It would be just too easy to take things out of context.


[this is good] :::looks at recent searchs and just stairs:::::


My company did the PR for the Adult Video News Awards. I had to put together a book with the nominees' photos and their categories and what movies they appeared in. I did alot of, uh, image research...


[this is good] It's always a good idea to consider what other people would think of your searches, because while it may seem like no one but you will see them...things happen. I posted a few years back about the internet search that might convict you. A former professor of mine was convicted of murdering his ex-wife, mainly on circumstantial evidence of his internet searches.


What a scary post. Thanks for sharing it with me.

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