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Georgia Lynn

[this is good] Yes, it is good. I enjoyed it, but a children's book? Definitely worth saving for when she's older, like reading some of the Tolkein and C.S. Lewis books to children. I'm looking forward to that and not too far off.

You might enjoy, Moon, Have You Met My Mother? A book of thoughtful poems probably closer to Cassandre's and Juju's ages? Savannah's favorite:

A turtle walks across the lawn,

and when he gets there,

summer's gone.


Oh this sounds wonderful. I will definitely look for it. Both my girls like poetry, and although this book has some nice poems, mostly it's too old for them. Thanks!


I *love* T.S. Eliot! "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is on of my faves.


hah. just because he wrote all that stuff in the voices of cats they think eliot is for children. I guess some kids would get this, but I doubt very many. I would, however, like to see it included as a staple in sunday-school literature. now *that* would be interesting.

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