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[this is good] Wow. I kinda want an ant farm now. I think I had one as a kid, but without ants. It was one my uncle or someone had had in the fifties and by the time I came around 20 years later the ants were long gone. (Did they evaporate? Where were the remains? I think I need to ask my family a few questions....)


Perhaps they are in the witness protection program!
The box says that they will only live 1-3 months, but that after they day we can add new ones...


This is oddly interesting.


I'm a little concerned about the ethical ramifications of keeping aunts in captivity, even if they were sent by an uncle. I love my aunts, nutty though they may be.


[this is good] so cool! thanks for giving us all the dirt on the ants. i love it.


ew. i hadto say it, even though your writing makeseverything fun... i should have done without the up close pics!

don't angry up the blood

[this is good] Surprisingly enough, I am finding this quite interesting. Perhaps I am just a nutter.


[this is good] So, you buy ants, they die, you buy new ants, they die, you buy new ants - they have a money maker there, huh? Someone should tell Uncle Milton that it is not nice to hold ants hostage. I was wondering whether you could just fill it with common or garden ants, you know - lure them in. Rather than paying for big ants. Spect they are easier to see! (the big ones, I mean!)


Yes, essentially that is how it works. However the ants only cost three dollars and you are guarranteed to get workers, no queen and not a bunch of lazy-assed immaturemales who sit around in their underwear all day watching the game. That's totally worth three bucks in my book. ;-)


Ok. I realize that on the surface this may sound a little cruel. But I like to think of it this way: I am giving them a loving home and a sense of purpose. As previously noted, these guysdon't have a queen. Coincidently, I've always wanted to be a queen. I think that makes thisa pretty symbiotic relationship.
What would the aunties be doing if not living here with us? Sighing, making quilts and arguing over gets to host Sunday dinner. With me they feel needed.

Moxie Mouse

I find that virtual ant farm is far more compelling for me than real ant farm. Keep us posted. :)


$3 for workers, no lounging around, no pretyy-ass queens going I am the one, Me. Me. Me OK, yes, that is well worth the money. I would even pay more for that!

The K Spot

Tres cool! So I guess they no longer make ant farms with sand, huh. I suddenly feel ancient.


Never fear. They do make them with sand. I just thought the gel looked cool.


[this is good] These sets are a lot of fun. We had one for the boys and they loved watching them go. I think we messed up and fed them too much or something because they all died at the same time. =P


You should not blame yourself. I think that's exactly how it is supposed to work: with no queen to keep things going they finally get old and die. Then, just like the dinasaurs, they drop dead overnight.
$3 to Uncle Milton will get you a whole new team. ;-)


Yeah, a bunch of blood thirsty teamster ants that have bad attitudes and don't mind carrying thier dead buddies heads around!


interesting that the medium is that green gel, and that the ants don't seem to mind

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