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Wow, that's impressively sucky. Sounds like Peter Pan (the BMW version)deserves to have the shit kicked out of them tomorrow. Oh, do you think you'll still be able to make lunch?


Wow that was not a nice day. I hope they do get it right this time.


Ouch! Sorry to hear about that. I thought falling into the mud puddle face first this weekend was tragic, I was wrong. You've got me hands down. Glad to hear everyone is safe though.


Oh goodness...or suckiness as the case may be. I was wondering what the mobile pictures were about, but I saw them too late to call you to see if I could help out somehow. :-(
If we need to reschedule lunch tomorrow to later in the week, I am so so fine with that.


Gwaaah...that service center of yours takes the cake for customer un-care, doesn't it? I used to own a Fiat - sweet little bitty-bit car that was all I could ask for from a car - but when it needed to have a part replaced? iSusmariosep/i!!!! (trans=Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! in Tagalog) Those folks were responsible for many, many invocations to the saints and angels, let me tell you.Am glad to hear that you all made it through the whole ordeal safely!


Lunch is still on.

Papi Chulo

Oh man! Glad to hear you made it through this in one piece!


Take it from a dealership mechanic, {Not Peter Pan BMW} that is wrong. Ask to speak to the Service Manager immediately {they hate that} and go ballistic on his ass!


German cars are good, but dealerships are not. Go kick ass, Karen - they totally deserve it! Sorry you had such a bad experience.


Arrrghh...I do hope you kick his ass to Never Never Land! LOL

Red Pen

BMW dealerships apparently do not subscribe to a customer-centric service ethic. Read 'em the riot act! Sorry you had such a horrible day.


see your PMs (and Deborah's Vox)...lunch is post-poned until the unfortunate mojo in the air disappears....


Once you lose trust in the wheels, it's all over. Acuras are nice...


Falling face first into a muddle puddle doesn't sound like much fun to me. However if I was there, and you were not injured, I think I might laugh my ass off. ;-)


The manager, Daren,called me this morning and was very polite. I could tell that he was trying to get me off the phone before I could vent, but there was no chance of that.
When he was done talking I got to say things like "three kids and a dog in the median of the Bay Bridge" and "stranded in a shitty part of San Francisco" (which is a slight exaggeration, I mean we weren't exactly at Hunter's Point) and "your incompetence put my family in danger twice yesterday!" This is true.
I ended with "to say that I am unhappy with your service doesn't even begin to cover how distressed I am about this."
I'm sure he's looking forward to calling me back at noon.


Cathy, of course you are right. But I think you know how much I love this car. My first really nice car. Paid it off in two years. Black on black with tinted windows. Press the gas and fly. Takes curves so beautifully. The thing that keeps me from going insane on my crummy 101 commute.
And it's a 2001 - the last year of the good body. Now the 7-series looks like a giant box. There is no way I would buy it. And you know what? Except for theMini which is cute, cute cute (and the M5 which gives you 100 extra horses at the push of a button) there isn't anything else I want. And I can't really fit Gringo and the girls into a Mini.


My feeling is that it is never a coincidence when you take your car in for service and the next day you run into an issue.I just did a quick search for dealer ratings, and it looks like this Peter Pan place is not highly rated. Maybe it's time to look for a better one - after they fix these issues for you, of course.It's too bad they are not customer focused at your shop. I couldn't say more about the BMW and Lexus dealers here (same company owns both). They are top-notch when it comes to service. My wife loves them so much that she doesn't want to shop anywhere else for cars.

Kapolnek Family

Oh man, that sounds awful! I am so sorry! What a nightmare. I hope they make things right. They should refund you the cost of the original work. Anyway, glad you were able to get everyone home safely (and glad you had a good glass of wine waiting!) Hope it gets fixed soon!


That air bubble you say that the dealer mentioned is not a minor
problem; it's a serious f up. Cooling systems are designed to be
full of liquid coolant under pressure. When an air bubble is
introduced into a cooling system, it screws up the cycling of the
coolant through the engine and radiator and creates an opportunity for
some coolant to expand, overheat, and boil. This sounds
like what was happening to you. In SF your car probably wasn't
leaking coolant, it was boiling it out like a kettle

The real risk of the overheating you described (aside from breaking
down on the Bay Bridge) is that if the car gets hot enough the engine
block and the engine heads expand and contract at different rates or
warp and the gasket between them fails. It's called a blown head
gasket and is a "sell the car" problem. When a modern car with an
aluminum engine and tons of electronics starts overheating, every
minute of additional driving is Russian roullette.

I recommend taking the car to an independent BMW specialist to assess
the overheating cause and consequent damage. If you have a blown
head gasket, demand that the dealer give you full cash value for the

Good luck,


Any updates from Daren?


What I enjoyed most about that story is all the instances of people coming to your aid. You're blessed with great friends (and speedy auto-service people!).


I had a series of problems with my Audi and I always tell those AAA tow truck guys what heroes they are. When you are sitting on the side of the road at night in the rain and they show up and are always polite - they are nothing short of modern-day knights in shining armor.


That's quite a story. The trouble I have is that I live in a non English speaking country so going to the garage for a service pretty much involves me dropping it off and then paying the invoice no questions asked. It's the opposite of empowering (unempowering?)Glad you got through it okay and hope you get it resolved.


He has no idea what a good idea that was. Well maybe he has some idea.I would have been writing the blog post in my head already. :)


Very helpful Mikey, thanks so much.

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