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secret heart

[this is good] wow. i'm in shock at horrible they are. i can't believe businesses can operate this way. good luck and may the good guys win! they owe you every penny plus more for your troubles!


Ugh. Good luck with the fight... sounds like it could be long and drawn out but worth it.


Do you what you have to do, Karen. But don't do nothing. This place has to be accountable.


Sounds like they're trying hard to pull the wool. Don't stand for it!We had a similar problem in January at our last service; new radiator was required but it was diagnosed right away. Bloomin' expensive too. I wish you the best of luck for getting the justice you deserve.


Good grief! What a pain!!!! Trade it in.... LOL


this just in: a happy ending.

Papi Chulo

There are a couple of things you can have them check if you're suspicous that the head may have warped. You can have them test compression first. That should be pretty easy. If the head warped enough to blow the gasket, then you'd lose some compression. Also, you can drain the oil and see if there's any water in it. If there is, blown head gasket. If your valves sound noisy or more chattery than usual, that could indicate warping. I'd bet that you're probably ok. It's a BMW. Further, it's a 7 series, BMW. Have faith in the engineers. Those cars are built to go through hell and back, and at high speeds even. You overheated in the cool, moist air of San Francisco and not in the Arizona desert. Further, you shut down pretty quickly when the shit went down, so even though you were overheating, you probably didn't generate enough heat to start changing the shapes of things. Plus, you have AAA.


[this is good] Even more lucky is that I actually kept track of the paperwork.This was a lesson I learned early in my corporate life. Keep every piece of paper, even the cocktail napkins with scrawls on them. You never know when you'll need the evidence!


Thanks for this. We may still follow your instructions to make sure we are ok. But you are right. This is a BMW, they are good cars, and I stopped as soon as I saw the smoke rise. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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