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Is this the JCC in San Francisco!? I'm kidding... I'm sure every gym looks like this. I have to admit I have long hair. The kind of long hair that makes my home shower look like that. But I ALWAYS clean it out. Every morning I remove the hair ball. Not just for my room mate's sake but it actually grosses me out and it's MY hair.

The only time I shower at the gym is when I swim. And it's because of that reason. I'd rather run home sweaty than shower in somebody else's hairball.

Going to the gym is hard enough, you should at least be able to enjoy a shower after the experience. Kind of makes you wonder if that same girl that leaves her hair draped everywhere also pees in that shower.! HA HA HA


Hair ball = GROSS.I used to have really long hair. And my hair is thick. And red. You can imagine the wild red tumbleweeds that would roll through the house. My hair isn't so long now which has helped somewhat; Bliss just takes up the slack.


Ewww. Your picture link was close-but-not-quite what was in my head as an image before Iclicked on it...


[this is good] I am with you dude! As I said in my OCD post, hair is THE WORST in my opinion!! And to my dear hubby, please remove the hair from the soap


Rachel, it is not the JCC, it is PAC which is freaking expensive. Too expensive to shower with someone else's hairball (not that people should have to live with this in any gym).
Clamhead, thank you for cutting your hair. The drains of the world love you.
Laurel, I like your picture much better than mine.
Yayagirl, ugh you are soooo right, hair on soap is even worse than hair on walls. Blech.

Something Else

[ ] Karen, I love 'this'. And Laurel, I also love what was in your head! Where do y'all come up with those? And to Rachel, surely if she pees in the shower she has the decency to wash that down the drain! :~D I feel real fortunate. The showers I use, at the local Rec Department facility, have always been hair-free. Maybe hair just doesn't grow that long around here, or the stalls have slick walls, or the drains are bigger. I don't know. But I'll appreciate it more next time I'm there!

Nevada Mountain Bear

I just want to hurl seeing that picture. I have long hair, and I have the hairballs, but GOOD GOD, I know most people have the decency to rinse it down the drain. I'm sorry, that just makes me ill.


Hmm, I wonder if there should be a [this is gross] tag, because that is gross. LOL. It is so rude too. That person probably leaves the gym equipment all sweaty without even making an attempt to wipe it off for the next person. I very seldom go to a gym but unfortunately I have encountered both problems. This person is probably the same person that tinkles on the public toilets, spits gum out on the side walk, and splashes water and soap everywhere when using a public sink. A messy sink triggers one of my own personal OCD moments. I end up getting a bunch of paper towels and wiping it down before and after I use it (well not if there are a ton of people waiting to use it). I hate walking up to a sink and getting my sleeves and the front of my shirt all wet because someone else left puddles everywhere.It is one thing to wipe down soap and water off a sink but it is another to have to clear someone else's hair out of a shower before you can use it. I know I would be complaining to management (not that it would do much good I am sure but it would make me feel better to have voiced my disgust).Hey maybe since she is loosing so much hair she will be bald soon and you won't have to worry about the hair in the shower anymore. (one can hope, lol)

Kapolnek Family

Yuck! My hair falls out like that about 4 months post pardom, but I would never leave it in a public shower. That is just gross. Maybe she has cancer and her hair is all falling out. Maybe we can feel sad for her instead of thinking she is just disgusting..


That is disgusting.
Can you complain to management that they need to be in there cleaning a little more frequently?


[this is GROSS!] I can understand it collecting in the drain, or even somewhere near it on the floor, but on the soap dispenser? That's just malicious hairballing.


That ain't right. I hate it when people in the long-hair tribe misbehave and give the rest of us a bad rep.


oh for the days when I was capable of clogging a shower drain.


Oh, that is just nasty. Kapolnek Family: of course if someone has an illness causing the hair loss, I would feel for the person. However, that does not exempt them from common consideration!


Somethingelse: You are indeed lucky to have such a nice shower at your gym. Let me assure you too, that I think Rachel would never pee in the shower. She's a nice girl.
Nevada: my experience these days is showing me that most people, sadly, do not have the good sense to wash their hair down the drain. Even more sad is the fact that we could almost end that sentence at "good sense."
Amanda: boo hoo on you for making me feel bad. ;-) I refuse to believe that she is ill. She may be sociopathic, but that's not something I can be sympathetic about.
Sooz: I could complain. But I have this image of myself of (for once) being that nice person who doesn't cause any trouble. It's a new thing I'm trying on. But a few more days of this and I may have to give it up.
Susan: Yes indeed. Hairballs placed where you have to put your hand is just malicious. See sociopathic comment above.
Mark: We can't all have long tendrils of thick wavy hair. I don't either and haven't for years. I have other qualities. I'm sure you do too.
Een: She's a nasty, nasty girl. And I don't mean that ina nice, danceable, Janet Jackson kind of way.

Cri de Coeur

Ewww! Ewwww!
Shudder. Twitch. Twitch.
That is seriously gross. Brings back memories of public showers...Sorry your happy place has become a furry place and filled with other people's fur. I'm amazed the girl still has any hair if she's leaving large clumps like that behind. I have thick hair...but if I spread it around a public place in those quantities, I'd be bald. I could resort to the evil childhood me and Nair her if ya want me too.
After all...according to my old neighborhood pals...I'm already going to a special place...another Nairing incident won't get me in any deeper than I already am.


[this is good] Belch. Jaysus . . .


Oh, heavens, if she could wad the hairball and leave it where everyone can see, surely it wouldn't kill her to throw it in the trash can? Surely there must be a trash can somewhere near the sink, for used tissues and such? ::shudders::


[this is good] [this is GROSS!] its filling up the drains and then comes the job of plumbers :)

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