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[this is good]


[this is good] Nice. Car? Window? Looks good whichever.


Roof of the car. I was killing a little time while letting the engine warm up.


[this is good] If only we had frost in subtropical Massachusetts.


Ha! I think that you would not be able to draw Vox on your car with a gloveless finger, however you might be able to do it with a chisel and blowtorch.


[this is good] Wow, that's in CA that it's that cold? Here in NY, it's about 50 something. We won't end up getting any kind of snow/frost until late January, I'm thinking. Good Picture there. :)


I was being serious. It's 42 at home (per Forecastfox) and I have yet to see any frost or ice on the car all season.


Dude. Last night I was wrapping presents in shorts and a t-shirt with the doors and windows open.


How cool! I was with Sooz on that one...down in TX we were shorts and t-shirts!


Huh. The government assures me that there is no such thing as global warming. What do you think could be the cause of this freakish weather?

Cri de Coeur

I have this theory that the freakish weather could be due in part to my Father and J. They've been blowing holes in the ozone layer like no tomorrow...

If my theory proves to be true...I apologize to one and all for my Father and J's noxious fumes.

And if you happen to see Santa this year...please let him know that a gas mask would be greatly appreciated.

Love the Vox frosty picture. Someone told me at the paper that San Diego got a brief moment of snow....weird weather indeed. ;)


[this is good] Love the dedication Karen! :)


We don't even have frost in Chicago. Pretty.


[this is good] I'm off to MInnesota tomorrow morning, if there's frost or snow, I'm going to do this too!

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