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Oh... *jumping up and down, hand raised* me me me me! Yum!


Good. You bring the wine.


Is that in your kitchen?


Yes! We started curing it last year and it's finally ready for eating. We started another one last month that will be ready next christmas.


And you said you weren't Suzie Home Maker (chuckes). I mean - I have made cookies, and cooked for lots of people, and even made my own wine - but cured my own ham... Wow. Impressed. And it sure does look yummy!

Moxie Mouse

Wow! Holy pig! What a huge chunk of ham.


Definitely! I will need to get the full details as to how you *cough*er...Xav?*cough* go about doing that next time we meet up. So cool!


Really Laurel, nothing gets by you, does it? I use "we" quite liberally, after 21 years of marriage,but we all know who is responsible for the delicious food on my table...

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