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Kelev T. Cat

Yeah, it's frustrating, but it happens. Sometimes I promise to get in touch and then I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by and before you know it it's been a month since I told someone I'd call.... Do you remember any tidbits from your conversation that could focus a web search? Linked in?


Did you happen to take a camera phone pic so I can see her, too? I googled her before and nada. Would love to see her again. That I would love to see you again goes without saying. But there it is...

electric firefly

i have been on both sides of this equation recently. i know my own lapse in calling has not been out of a lack of desire to do so, but a lack of time. it is good that you have such an embracing approach to it. no doubt you will run into her again and it is better to feel warm and grateful to see her than possibly resentful. i hope you find her soon.


[this is good] I could have written this same post (not as well however) and been the one written about. I have a bunch of friendship follow-ups I need to make and ones that I am owed. I have more time now, but I bet I still don't make the time.


[this is good] people who make you "all happy" when you talk to them are supposed to be might not get a phone call, but you'll probably run into her again. don't you love people who make you all happy? :)

Something Else

[this is good] ... and I thought that
was the only one!


No such presence of mind. You know me. Doh.


[this is good] Give it some time. Or try not to think about it anymore. I bet you she will call or e-mail you when you least expect it. :o)
Great read.


[this is good] I can absolutely relate to this post on multiple levels- thanks for taking the time to write about it. Your worlds willbecome entangledagain at some point, don't worry.


[this is good] [this is good] [this is good]

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