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Something Else

[ ] what to with the rotting pumpkin has been a Mom's delimma from the dawn of time, hasn't it? Will you let it go down to mush as an educational experience?


If you live where it's cold you can use the age old "let it freeze solid" technique before cleaning it up.

Doc Paradox

That is one SCARY pumpkin!


That reminds me; I have 3 jacks sitting on my front porch because I never brought them in after Halloween. Since we never use the front door, I'd forgotten about them. I'd better go clean them up before I have to hose them down. Yuck. And the garbage already came today too!

It's Come To This...

Our pumkin looked like this at 4:00 p.m. Halloween... after my son lit a 'black cat' off inside his pumpkin. Boys!

Cri de Coeur

Oh wow...that's a frightful sight. Poor Mr. Pumpkin. Decomposition happened muy quick...hope it's not too ick to get cleaned up - hazmat suit could indeed be needed. ;)

Yvette Ivy

[this is good] When confronted with a mess like that, I pull my handy-dandy husband out of my back pocket and make him clean it up. Or I use a shovel.


Karen, please don't take this wrong, but.... look at the pumpkin, and then look at your avatar photo. I think it's the eyebrows. Is there any chance the original artist was using you as a model?


Now you're just being mean.


We had a pumpkin craving contest at work as week ago Friday. When I came into work Monday this is pretty much what mine looked like. Ewww.

Kapolnek Family

Take a shovel and toss it in the back of your garden. It will make great compost! Just make sure there aren't any seeds left in there. I had a girlfriend throw a rotting pumpkin (not a jack, it had the seeds and everything) in her yard, and that summer she had a pumpkin patch!


Oh goodness... I had to get my husband to take ours outside and get rid of it - it was just as bad! I don't understand why they're all rotting so early this year... *shudders*

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