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Wow, thanks for posting. I just listened to the whole clip, might have to get the book as well.
Anotherone of their comments from the interviewre: theBush administration -
"The concept ofyou don't talk to people you disagree with is infantile..."


I was struck my that comment too. And under the same headline:
Almost immediately after that report there was a story on how Bush Co were cutting off supplies of iPods and scotch to North Korea because they want to "annoy" Kim Jong Il by "depriving him of his favorite things." To which someone replied "I think if he can move nuclear weapons around without us seeing them, he can get a case of scotch into the country."
P.s. Your mother wears army boots. ;-)


This book came up in coversation once, but I still haven't had a chance to read it. Do you know exactly what they mean by "ethical realism"? Preventive war is definitly silly business, but prudence and cooperation are also ideological derivatives so I"m not so sure how you can have any foreign strategy without idealism. But I'm all in for reality check!! It's about time!

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