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[this is good]


[this is good]


[this is good] Karen, you've made a big impact on Vox, sharing stories about your life, and also sharing your feedback on Vox which has definitely helped make Vox a better place. Thanks for taking a chance here and putting yourself out here to the world (or at least to your friends on Vox). :)


[this is good] This is great. I can't wait to see you.


[this is good]


[this is good] I steal this time away from other things: my husband, my kids, my projects, my sleep...Where is your time in that list Karen? Everyone deserves Their Own Time, you don't give that up by becoming a Mother or a Wife or an Employee (or even tired!) We all need something personal, something for ourselves alone. OK, so your blog is public - perhaps a bad metaphor. Damn, and I thought my writing was

Nevada Mountain Bear

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