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[this is good] I will comment moreI will comment moreI will comment moreSorry, got a little carried away there. Good post - I shall point Daughter at it in the hope she decides to follow the advice and post something!


[this is good] I have a fruend who I am trying to persuade to set up a blog. Mind if I use your arguments?


Thehorse, if you think my words will help you to persuade your friend, I am honored for you to use them. Good luck!


[this is good] I had a very similar conversation with my 30-something friends Saturday night. I think that after me talking aboutVox (just mentioning, not pushing) for 3 months they are ready to start considering it.


[this is good] Excellent write up. I remember when I invited someone onto Vox and they asked "what would I write about?" My suggestion: write as if you were Kelev. Btw, I have seen you and your blue vox shirt in many of my neighbors' neighborhood. Glad I decided to finally peek in.


[this is good] I know many writers keep a journal, just to keep themselves writing, and I wonder if that'd be a selling point too? I've tried keeping a journal or diary in the past and it's just no fun when nobody else is reading it - in VOX you don't have that problem. I've only been on for 4 months or so (hears chorus of "it seems so much LONGER") but already it's fun to look back at earlier stuff.This is one of the big selling points that Mena uses.


Mark, I think the journal thing is a nice idea too, and I tried to allude to thatin number eight. Journals are often very private and people need to feel that Vox is safe enough to guard their secrets. I myself have written a few private posts, but most of them were posts that started out as public and then got switched to private at the last minute (I am a terrible self critic). I really dig Vox's privacy controls.
Raf, very nice to meet you too. I have seen your name around my friends neighborhoods. It seems only right that we would be neighbors too.


[this is good] I've had similar trouble getting my friends and family to try it..also the 40something set. I don't have the time (to read yours let alone do one of my own) is also a chief objection.

Nevada Mountain Bear

[this is good] How could one not even make a stab at "blogging?" Your arguments, thoughts, and perspective are compelling, real, and truly inviting.


[this is good] Wow! You're on the main Vox page!!


[this is good]

eliz. s.

[this is good]


[this is good] Remember, the more you blog, the more you look at your life through blogger's eyes. You automatically earmark interesting experiences, and thoughts that occur to you as things you want to write about later. It's a very engaging activity.


I joined Vox for the lovely feature that let's me chose who gets to see what I write. I love that and I'm tickled pink that I'm on board. : )


Quote: Post an actual song so I can hear it. No one else can download it, so posting music won't cause any trouble.Really? I would love to post some music... I thought I'd get my head cut off for that.


[this is good] Karen, I found this from the link of the Vox home page. It's wonderful, thanks for posting it. I'm a new blogger, having been inspired by the blogs of a couple of friends, and I struggle with what to write about - or I think I might want to write about something but worry that others will find it boring. Your guidelines are very helpful!


[this is good] Great list! Really inspired me. You basically put together a list of all of the reasons I tell myself to write when I just don't "feel" like it. I need to get better about writing about what I LOVE and photo-taking. Your post reminded me of this.


[this is good] Thank you for that. My problem is that I really don't want Vox to be for people I know, but how do you get people to read your blog if you don't know anyone? I have alot I want to write about but if noone is looking at it, it sometimes feels moot. I agree with random comments, I love the explore page but i feel strange posting to someone I don't know, I guess that would be a step in the right direction though. Any comments or help on gaining more readers would be great.

Isaac Baranov

[this is good] Thank you- this actually gave me a few ideas.

♥ Lady M ♥

[esto es genial] Thanks!


[this is good] This is excellent. Exactly what I want to say to some of my friends, but said right. Thank you.


I am a big believer in random commenting. I've added many people to my neighborhood as a result of random commenting. Go for it!


[this is good] this is great. and pretty much exactly why i blog here!


[this is good] nice write up ;)


[this is good] i'll have to come back to this page the next time i find myself wondering the same thing :)

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