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i actually sat through the survey and submitted each one of my answers ... long but seemed interesting.


I went over and did my part for the showtunes contingent. Somehow, I missed the part where they asked me whether I was a convicted felon, though.


I filled it out too and halfway through realized that this study is different than the original one.


The study is cool but being a jazz and new age person, where does that leave me? LOL Oh, this music today is not 'Hip Hop'...if you want the for real deal, listen to Public Enemy, Del la Soul, KRS One, Common, MC Lyte, RunDMC, Kurtis Blow...let me stop, this could take hours. I will go to that link and check it out myself. Thanx and by the have a very nice blog.theologytechnology

Shawn Smith

Hmm, I like dance music and all of these things apply to me:likely to support
recycling or alternative sources of energy, and least likely to support
the use of taxation to expand public services.Then again, maybe I am mistaking my fascination with electronica with dance music... :)I LOL, at the country music comment :)

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