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I saw a bag of Peet's decaf mocca-java on the passenger seat of a car I parked next to today (beige Volvo?) and totallyflashed back tothis post.
(Hopefully that doesn't sound too stalker-like, I just have a strange memory for details like that!)


That's not stalking, that's nice! I don't mind at all being associated with Peet's coffee. However, if you start to associate me with a bannana caramelfrappucino from Starbucks, we might start to have a problem. ;-)
and no, that wasn't me. i like black cars. preferably ones that go fast...


Oh yeah, black and fast are good (as long as people know to move over)! Just as soon as I ditch this company car...
It was so funny that it was the exact kind that you mentioned. Not that it's rare, but probably not all that common either. I looked at it and just started laughing in the middle of the parking lot.
And I didn't even know the banana caramelfrappucino existed until the other day when I had to order one for a coworker. Actually,he might havegotten banana coconut...either way, it was a little frightening. Peet's rocks!

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