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Damn...that is impressive! you guys actually own the special cylindrical molds to do that? And do the kids eat the same stuff as the grownups in your house?


We do own the mold, but Xav says it's nothing special. He says you could go to Home Depot and buy 4" PVC and have them cut it to the length you want to make your molds. How's that for a cooking tip?
The kids eat almost everything we do, except lobster and crab. One of the expressions you hear around our house a lot is "this is not a restaurant."
But they have no appreciation for lobster and we see no need to waste it on them. Tonight they had macaroni and cheese (with broccoli because I'm not the worst mother on earth yet).


One of the expressions you hear around our house a lot is "this is not a restaurant."

Ummm...but from what I've seen so far, it looksa lot*better* than most restaurants! :)


oh that looks delicious!


You have a point there. He is a damn fine cook. But the restaurant comment has more to do with the fact that our house is a pre-fixe menu (since he's french I get to say things like that). We don't serve special meals for midgets. Not even when we really like them, which we do.


oh damn, I've spoiled my french (shhh, don't tell him)
Prix-fixe is what I meant to say
(don't drink and blog)


Merde! (Is that really what you said when you realized it was incorrect?:))
And I'm having a glass of wine after a rough day too, so no worries, it's all good...


actually what i really said was "bordelle de merde" which is much worse. ;-)


OK, there's something here that I don't understand. "Leftover lobster"? This does not compute.


While death from lobster has a certain appeal, we have small children. So we made two lobsters and saved one for later...


Ah a French husband who can cook, c'est magnifique!

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