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yes! It counts!Just like this one did for me! I've just joined Vox and unlike Livejournal there are no communities or shall I say neighborhoods to join into. So I've been wondering how do I meet people? I'm being a bit tentative and just posting comments to those entries that seem open to unknown people posting to it. (You know kinda like yourself. Your title drew me in!) Yeah and it means something to me if anyone takes the time to read my work too!


i am so heartened (is that the word) to see someone my age blogging and admitting they were a little embarassed to tell others, i'd love to be a part of your warm family here, you are so right, the more cool people that get into vox the more interesting the place is going to be.

hi. welcome :) nice post, hope you like it here.


[this is still good]A friend asked me why I blog today. I said to keep track of things, to practice what feels like the opposite of meditation, to see how I can tell stories and recount events in ways that aren't as fixed to "descending pyramid" format, to meet and keep in touch with interesting people and to test my boundaries and affiliations with them. And, oh yeah, to know my own mind over time.But comments are nice, too.


I love it when people comment on my posts. Though I usually only get one or two comments to each post, that's proof positive that people read what I write. Why do I want the feed back (I wonder to myself)? Perhaps it's an ego/validation thing. It's true that comments give me fuel to continue and motivation to not let my blog gather dust.Ego, validation, the need for attention... whatever it is, I don't blog for the kudos. I started blogging because I have friends and family who live far away and it seemed like a more passive way of sharing what I was doing on any any particular day---as opposed to emailing said group my daily activities, every day, which seems invasive and presumptuous (I mean, who wants to get an email where I blather on about the afternoon with my S.O. eating bacon cheese burgers? I mean, really). I live in San Francisco and there's always something
going on in this town, and I want to share it with my friends who live elsewhere.Actually, now that I think about, this meta-blog-entry of yours will make a good entry for my own blog.


... I found this via random vox-surfing and of course, felt I should comment. :) Even if just to say "Yes, I rather agree."I will also, if you don't mind, add you to my neighbourhood.


Comments make such a huge difference. I fear sometimes with some blogs, I might seem like a stalker because I do comment with some regularity. But I love it when others comment on my blog. It's good. And it's good to be reminded of the positive impact of it!


Great post! I had gotten really lazy about leaving comments, but have become re-inspired after reading your words!


Thanks for this Karen, and for providing my first ever comment. I had assumed no one was looking, as I'm rather fringe. I sent this post to folks who ask me why
people do this. And I want a shirt.


Very thoughtful post, Karen. I cannot understand why people blog if they only want a select few to benefit from the wisdom of their words! That's why I love the "explore" feature here, and I think it's great to be able to wander in and out and find new and interesting people. Welcome to MY neighborhood.


I really liked this post. I like the mix of people that I'm finding as I'm getting out and looking for neighbors here on Vox. So "Hello Karen" here a wave for (waves) thanks for the encouraging words.




Thanks to all of you for your warm reception to my post. To receive so many comments on a post about commenting, well that just pleases me to no end. If you are as generous to other Voxers with your comments as you have been with me, I feel sure we will be well on our way to a vibrant and interesting community.
Thanks again for making me feel so very welcome. It means a lot to me! I look forward to reading your stories.


I'm adding the same here but: thanks so much Karen, for actually providing a "comment" on my little blog-of-life. I'm very new at this as well, and I appreciate your support!


[this is good] Well said. What I like about Vox is how interactive it is. And I'm not sure if it's just me, but having taken a look around, I get the general impression that people on Vox are a quirkier bunch than those on other blog servers :)


[this is good] This made my day. :) Lately, I've been feeling like my posting has been going unheard. I've been kind of sadden by that because in my QotD of what was my favorite part about VOX, I said above all else was the communal aspect.
I don't intend on meeting kindred spirits or anything like that... Just someone else to read and say something about what I just posted. I hate to feel so ego-centric but affirmation is something that all humans need on a primative, inane level, I feel...
Thank you for posting this and understanding how other people feel. :) I suppose we're not every really alone after all.


Renee, I expect that you will find kindred spririts in here, it may just take you a while to find them- just like friends in real life, it takes a bit of time to get to know people. But welcome, and I hope you like it here.
Kitsch-doll, thanks so much for favoriting this post. I had almost forgotten it was here and it was very nice to see someone new (to me) connecting with it!


It would seem that it will be heard. Maybe the same day, maybe days later (like today). Thanks again for sharing wonderful thoughts.


[this is good] as much as one would like to think they write purely for themselves, there's always a little part in us looking for the littlest bit of gratification. i've always thought it took a certain amount self-absorption to run a blog. i mean, if we really did write for ourselves then we wouldn't be posting in public waiting to affect complete strangers.


[this is good] Yeah, I think we're all looking for some sort of feedback. I blog at several different places, and did Vox just because I could. And to have an "purty" interface without me having to do all of the work to accomplish it.


[this is good] I agree wholeheartedly. Feedback keeps me thinking and writing, and knowing that someone out there is reading this stuff. After all, most of it floats through my head regularly anyway; if I didn't want to share it, there wouldn't be much reason for me to write it down.Great post. (even if I am a little late to the party)

Dances With Cats

Good post. I do find it rewarding to get comments on my blog entries....and so far I haven't expanded my vox neighborhood enough to get too many on my blog. So, if you want to visit me and hear random weird stories about living on a farm in Maine with my family, my advice-giving cats, and answers to random QOTDs with odd digressions, feel free to stop by. I've also got some music and some photos posted.


Thanks for directing me to this post. It certainly speaks to me and my experiences. I think a large part of my own lack of comments was my reluctance to comment on posts written by strangers. Why that bothered me here on Vox and has not bothered me elsewhere is a mystery though. Perhaps it is an age thing - I guess I assumed everyone here was decades younger than I.


[this is good] Great post!

Banana Split

[this is good] I totally agree with you. Getting feedback really inspires you to keep writing.

BeeDee Mum

What a lovely post, I haven't been blogging very long but this has given me the courage to comment on someone I haven't yet got to know [rather than a strangers] blog. I had my first comment today from someoneand you know what? I felt really touched that having read the blog they feltinterested enough to reach out and comment on what I had written.

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