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So True.Plus it is a great rendition of "War" by Edwin Starr.


reminds me of the speech Keith Olberman gave last night at the end of Countdown. You can read/watch it on the boy's blog.


Didn't Bruce's cover of "War" come out in fall '86, on his five-LP live album?


You are right Chris, I think this 10 @ 10 was really 1986.


Yep, it was from 1986. I've been listening to 10 at 10 since it started in 1982. Today's set was a good one: he dug out some chestnuts like "What If We Give It Away" from "Lifes Rich Pageant", and also "Cauldron" from XTC. I should have listened.


oh, Karen, I totally stole this quote to use on everyone all day.


I'm such a stuck-in-the-80s girl andI really loved this set. It started with the Eurythmics "Thorn in My Side" and got better and better after that. "Summer's Cauldron" is especially wonderful and I hardly ever hear it (or any XTC really) any more.
Miz Genevra, you are very welcome to take whatever you want. :-)


I love 10 @ 10. Especially on Saturday morning, when they play the lineup from the whole week. All the years I was in China, I streamed KFOG -- it was my little piece of home.

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