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So rare that we receive a physical challenge (at least unintentionally!). Usually, we're in sufficient control of our environment that, when a situation gets uncomfortable, we can change it.

Makes me think of wilderness camping - you're definitely in a different risk environment when you're miles from any car, road, or human being, and if you happen to have a bit of a scare, you realize right away that MOST of our lives are lived under conditions that are very special, and rarely experienced by most people on earth. Right? As you pointed out, think how lucky you are, never having had to consider how far you could carry your child in a true emergency... what percentage of parents on this planet have never had to consider that question?


I have been haunted by the last line of your comment for days. In truth I want to avoid the answer, because it makes me feel somewhat helpless.

It also reminded me of the last time we went mushroom hunting in the mountains. We saw bear tracks and knew that there could be mother bears, since morels and bears cubs both show up in the spring. My husband took a gun, and we made sure to stay all together. Because if we got separated and/or injured, there would be no one to find us.

We are so lucky -- we get to choose whether or not to put ourselves in these situations.

Knock on wood.

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