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I think I've seen people ask for privacy control for profile data, so I'm sure people are interested! (Me too.)


You're absolutely right, we should have profiles with privacy options. LJ and other services allow me to show my contact info only to my Friends or Family. Hopefully we'll have that in Vox too.

Recently I removed my email address from my Vox profile after receiving a few invite requests like you mentioned above. No one has bothered to IM me, so I left those as visible.


amen. I think about this a lot, as I've gotten more into my privacy online than I used to be.

Papi Chulo

On Vox, nobody can hear you scream... unless you hit the Feedback link...

I totally agree with you, though, and it looks like we have some functionality around this scheduled for the July 25th (or so) release.


Ok. I can send this to feedback. Part of my post was to see if anyone else felt like this since last I checked, this was not "Karen's Vox" although I'm sure that would be a great product too. ;-)

Jay Allen

Personally, Buddy, I wish we could really embrace the idea of tagging in Vox and get rid of the feedback form in favor of (or supplement it with) something like a "vox feedback" tag.

Yes, I understand that the feedback form filters into a tracking system. It just makes me sad that we can't use our own technology to do our bidding for us. Being able to give feedback just by writing a post makes for really interesting conversations (if you're into that sort of thing) and is Oh-So-Web-Two-Point-Oh.

Jay Allen

To further illustrate my point, I just went to submit that as feedback and couldn't remember whether or not I had already done so (because I've had this thought for some time).

If we could submit feedback via a tag, I would have known whether or not I had already mentioned it.


I got one of those e-mails too. I didn't respond. What if he's a wacko? I don't want to be the one responsible for letting him in the door.


Sooz, you did the right thing. We have enough wackos on Vox right now. ;)


As long as we keep the wackos that are already here. I'm getting rather fond of them, and moreover I suspect I may be one of them myself...


Karen... totally agree, as Steve mentioned earlier in the comments, we're going to provide more fine grained control over the privacy of your info in a later July release. Very important, we're actually holding back some other features that we won't push until you have more control to turn them off.


That's great to hear. I am, as you might guess, a bit of a control freak, and control in this area is especially important to me.

I can't wait to see what other magic you guys have up your sleeves...


I realise the irony of my commenting on your post since you don't know me, but I completely agree with you. I really don't like the idea of having my e-mail or IM info out there. On my LiveJournal I only allow it to people on my friends list: i.e the people I say can have it.

I'm glad to hear that these (or similar) features will be implemented soon.

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