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Be a blogger. It doesn't mean you're like all other bloggers. Which is why I don't mind telling people I'm a Republican. It doesn't mean I like George Bush and the war in Iraq... :-)


You definitely aren't alone in not self-identifying as a "blogger" despite the fact that your behaviors could easily be described as "blogging." But I'm curious, why aren't you a diarist or journalist either? Is there a single word or short phrase that more accurately describes what you're doing on comet? Does "connecting with friends and family" really capture it?


I think "Are you a blogger?" would make a great QotD. Lot better than "how's the weather" or "what color shirt are you wearing?"


Makes sense to me. You use web publishing/social networking/blogging software sometimes. That doesn't define you as anything really. There was probably a time when people were "emailers" or "online music enthusiasts." Now, those are just two things you can do on your computer. Granted that they have become nearly indispensable, but they don't define you as part of a group in our society anymore than watching t.v. does.
I imagine that blogging will really be of age, when it is like that for everyone...a widely used tool that people don't think about too much.
I'm not a blogger myself. I just play around with notcomet. Hell, I've already deleted 2/3 of what I originally posted here because I am not entirely comfortable with social networking technology.
I too am usually surrounded by people who don't know what blogging is.
Question of the Moment:
If you sent out a regular newsletter to your friends with your photos and such via email, would that define you as anything?
I think not.


Todd, I hear Obi-Wan in your voice "be a blogger" but I can't. Because Christian is right: blogging is a tool and I don't define myself by my tools.
Alaina, I'm not a diarist because diaries are too personal for such a public forum. And while I am willing to share quite a bit of myself in here, there is definitely a line I won't cross. I'm not a journalist because what I write isn't newsworthy and at best is only interesting to a handful of people. "Connecting with friends and family" is accurate but lacks soul.
Sometimes I feel like an essayist, sometimes I feel like I'm writing letters to a friend. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself, writing online notes on scraps of virtual paper.
I wish I had a good sound bite to offer that describes what I think I'm doing. I'm sharing bits of my life with people. Some of these people are friends, some are those I would like to become friends. Some are strangers who discover my words from time to time. I'm sharing pieces of myself with all them.


You made me LOL about the Obi-Wan tone... there's a lot of Star Wars stuff happening at home with my 5 year old...


I don't consider myself a blogger either.
I understand your self-description. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself. Or having a conversation with a friend. Or just making mental notes of something I want to remember.
But when people ask, I do tell them I blog. I blog therefore I am a blogger?


I think the devil lies in the definitions, especially how we define ourselves.
As a marketing person, I think there is something about the word "blogger" that is both alluring and repulsive, depending on your definition of the word. Many, many people aspire to be bloggers, preferably famous ones with large audiences. Others find the word a synonym to feelings of self-importance, and aren't attracted to it all.
I don't know where I fall on that curve since I seem to sway comfortably (and unpredictably) from one side to another. I certainly don't expect a large audience, and yet it does make me happy when someone I don't know connects to me. That may be why I prefer to think about the whole thing in terms of tools and not personality traits. If admit to being a blogger, what does that say about my ego?
Christ. Maybe I am a blogger. I certainly talk enough.


Oh that's funny. I felt exactly the same waywhen non-blogging friends started referring to me as a 'blogger.'
Now, I'm OK with it.

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