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They were called apple cider donuts and they were divine.
we had these in Virginia, too, and nothing will ever compare.

Papi Chulo

it takes a little while for the frosting to work its way into your blood stream and up to your brain. After that you'll be licking the glass on the front doors of the place, waiting for them to open.
i think they're damn good donuts, especially when fresh, but i also like stuff to be sweeter than most people do, and kk's are turbo-sweetened. i also like the donuts at the many fine donut shop/chinese food joints throughout our city. i think sometimes, kk is right, and sometimes, the chinese donut shop donuts are right. it's all about the mood.
when krispy kreme opened their first store near seattle, one guy waited in line for three days to get the first one. clown.
i'll tell you one thing, though... i fully expect my birthday present from all my friends some year to be them arranging for me to be able to jump on the conveyor and take a trip through that frosting waterfall that the donuts go through. it's my dream.


These apple cider donuts you speak of sound wonderful! I am not a fan of KK donuts myself. Way too sweet! :)


Here's what I did after my first visit to Krispy Kreme:
Little sweet, fluffy, bites of heaven.


Ginevra and Jenna - I love the internet. My mom thinks that this is the place we used to buy the apple cider donuts from: I'm definitely going to try them out.
Steve and Keri, I love your passion for Krispy Kreme, although frankly, it's opinions like yours that got me so jacked up in the first place. Sorry to be down on a place you love so much -- but not sorry enough to ever eat there again ;-). Keri, welcome to San Francisco!


Careful, you might get stoned to death, Blasphemer.
I of course am partial to Top Pot donuts in Seattle.
wistfully Oh Top Pot, why won't you move to the Bay Area?


I'm going to have to try those, karen. :)


I had the same experience you did karen. I think it is a lot like an overly hyped movie. If you had just stumbled upon the donut, you might have really enjoyed it. But since everyone seems to be so crazy in love with them, as if there was never a more perfect donut, your expectations were too high. I have had exactly two kk donuts. My first was the dissapointing one where my colleages stood by watching me take my first bite... The other was while pregnant with Tyler. This one was cold from the bakery at our grocery store (probably more than a day old), and was amazing. But factor for the preggo sweet tooth and it was probably just "ok."

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