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Moxie Mouse

I love Hog Island, but I've only been to their other location a bit north from here.


jealous, jealous, jealous - I love oysters but live too far from the sea. Husband has taken up scuba though, so at some point in the not too distant future we will live by the sea and he had just damn better learn how to find oysters.


Bookmole, it's very nice to see you way back here. If I could get my husband to fetch fresh oysters from the sea himself I'd have him in a wetsuit before you could say "pirates of the carribean." But that, I'm afraid,will never happen. ;-)


Don't let him - unless you want to be a scuba widow! Though there are advantages - fresh scallops are one of them. Long weekends without him are too, and so is the getting him back!

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