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Beautiful shot, Karen. Much, much better than my 19 Vixen Special shot on the top of an institutional dorm building. Wow.


I am satisfied. I only wish my high school photos were as glamorous. Instead, it is nerd-galore, every single one.


Karen, did you do some modeling work when you were 19? Who shot this photo?


Ginger, I would love to see your Vixen special photo on top of the dorm - please do post it.
Byrne, thank you for encouraging such silly, narcissistic behavior.
Lilia, I almost did modeling. At 5'7 and 113lbs I was considered barely acceptable. I got an offer to go to Japan (which is where a lot of girls went to start their careers) but I met Xav at the same time and decided that riding around on the back of his motorcycle would be more fun... ;-)
All right, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up.


[this is good] OMG, I love this picture! I would have had a blast hanging out with the 19 yr old Karen. OMG this is soooo great.

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