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Papi Chulo

Yep. There are posters all over town, but when they first started appearing I knew there was an Omen remake coming soon and the posters have upside-down crosses between the numbers, so I figured it out.
Later, I saw the preview for the remake and I have to say, it creeped the living crap out of me. I'm so going to opening night!


I have never been able to watch the Omen, Rosemary's Baby, Audrey Rose or any other such movie since The Exorcist scared the shit out of me at the age of 8. I never saw that movie either, but we used to go to the drive in a lot with our parents, and I saw parts of it projected (without sound) of course on one of the other screens. I couldn't sleep for weeks and I insisted that my parents buy me a crucifix to sleep with.
I think I will go and see The Sentinel instead...

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