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In a hope that perhaps feature development may be influenced by some form of a democracy (silly, Byrne)...
I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. We really should learn from LiveJournal in this respect. The commenting behavior on LJ is a stark contrast to that of TP and MT. As is any system with threaded comments, take your pick.


Since it's not threaded in Comet, what would you do - email the next comment that is posted after yours? Email all comments posted after yours?
For example, should Byrne see this comment, here, since my comment is after his?
My gut says go ahead and email me every comment that is posted after mine, since I was interested in the post enough to comment and would most likely be interested in seeing all future comments, like mine.


One simple solution might be, a "Watch this post" checkbox when I comment. Or better yet: implement threaded comments! ;)


I like Byrne's "watch this post" checkbox since it gives people the option to opt out of any future conversation.
I also think that Schomer has it right that if you can't do threaded comments, you should err on the side of inclusion. Conversations like this don't last for very long, and it's unlikely people will be receiving notifications for more than a few days...unless the conversation becomes really interesting.


just a housekeeping note... tags are comma-separated on comet. so if you want to leave feedback, you have to edit your tags to use a comma after the "feedback" tag. :)


So what you are saying is that all tags require a comma between them, or else they will be interpreted as a single, multi-word tag? I did not expect that.

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